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Great Alternative to Study Abroad Destinations

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Study abroad is about broadening your horizons and experiencing something new. So why do so many students choose the same destinations? Yes, the UK and the US are wonderful places to be a student, the Sorbonne in Paris has a romantic air to it and very few people would turn down the chance to live in Barcelona. However, there are some countries which you might not have considered yet, but could be the perfect choice for you.


Looking to swap a declining western economy for a booming eastern one? Look no further than India, which can offer institutions in the tropics, in the hills or in some of the most dynamic cities in the world – all at a much more affordable price. It seems like many students agree too, with the number of US students opting to study in India soaring by 44% between 2009 and 2010.


China has long been hailed as one of Asia’s best destinations for study and is already extremely popular, with more than 250,000 students from 180 countries already studying in the country. Studying in China is perfect for you if you want to get ahead in engineering, science, medicine or business. It’s also going to save you plenty of money – tuition fees are generally less than £3,000 per semester and living costs are much more affordable than in neighboring places like Japan and South Korea.

The Netherlands

One European destination still offering value for money is the Netherlands. Postgraduate course fees average out at around £1,500 per year and the Dutch government also provides financial support for EU students who can prove they are working 32 hours a month, to the tune of €265 a month. This is a grant, not a loan – something very rare in the higher education world these days.


Brazil may be a surprising entry on our list of growing destinations, but it’s definitely one to watch. The country is making major investments in its higher education sector. Brazil has a mixture of public and private universities and international students can get the same scholarships, bursaries and grants as Brazilians.


A slightly cheating one here, but many foreign universities have opened satellite campuses in Singapore in a bid to attract the best of Asian academic talent. INSEAD, the University of Chicago and the German Institute of Science and Technology all have campuses in Singapore, while many other institutions also have partnerships with local universities like the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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